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Providing you fresh, factual and accurate information is our objective in this correspondence.  And it is our responsibility to you!  Please share this email with your respective groups and teams, as there is a lot in here.  Have them watch the YouTube Video and listen to the audio file as well.  Information and education is vital to growth.  You can take pride in knowing that you play a significant role in the growth of one of the largest and most courageous international groups in TelexFREE...and we will keep it that way for you!  We'll keep in touch.

The 20% Contract Renewal:  When you renew your contract for your second year, there will be an invoice in your back office.  On the invoice will be the $50.00 contract fee; the AdCentral or Family AdCentral fee; and the 20% fee (which applies currently to Brazilian Promoters), but it is undefined how that 20% fee will impact Promoters from other countries.  This invoice is what you will need to pay to renew your TelexFREE business for the second year.

TelexFREE Credibility:  Earlier this week, TelexFREE paid their Brazilian income taxes.  They paid just over IRRF R $59,220,155 (which is just under $30,000,000 USD).  This is reflective of the credibility and integrity of TelexFREE.

TelexFREE Payouts: Last week, Tuesday May 14th, there were 106,600 withdrawal requests.  That means they will be making 106,600 deposits into promoters bank accounts worldwide this week, May 22nd.  That equates to 426,000 Promoters getting paid on a monthly basis.

TelexFREE Activity & Results: There are software improvements happening daily, like improving the binary compensation plan population in our respective back offices.  To give you an idea: On May21st, there were 10,600 people on the website at the time of the attached recording.  There were 370 registering as a Promoter at that moment.  There are designated control rooms in the Brazilian Offices to evaluate and calibrate the worldwide growth.  A very professional environment as you’ll see.

TelexFREE Event:  TelexFREE goes to Sea.  December 15th-18th TelexFREE will host a Promoter Cruise.  3,200 will be invited to go.  Refer to the website for updates.

The Future: There are plans in place to grow TelexFREE beyond our comprehension.  The TelexCOMMERCE model will add additional revenue and rankings to your existing income. There is a plan to make TelexFREE a lifelong income for us.

Alexa Ranking: 37th Place in Brazil.

YouTube & Audio Files:

Carlos Costa Desk Interview  From Brazil - 9:05 Minutes

Steve Labriola Phone Update From Boston – 35:00 Minutes (see attachment in email)

This is the time to share TelexFREE.  There is real traction and momentum starting to build in Brazil and worldwide.  How much of a piece of this international expansion do you want?  You decide and act accordingly!

Hi ...

Memberikan Anda segar, informasi faktual dan akurat adalah tujuan kami dalam korespondensi ini. Dan itu adalah tanggung jawab kami kepada Anda! Silakan berbagi email ini dengan kelompok Anda masing-masing dan tim, karena ada banyak di sini. Mintalah mereka menonton YouTube Video dan mendengarkan file audio juga. Informasi dan pendidikan sangat penting untuk pertumbuhan. Anda dapat mengambil kebanggaan dalam mengetahui bahwa Anda memainkan peran penting dalam pertumbuhan salah satu kelompok internasional terbesar dan paling berani dalam TelexFREE ... dan kami akan tetap seperti itu untuk Anda! Kami akan tetap berhubungan.

20% Renewal Kontrak: Ketika Anda memperbarui kontrak untuk tahun kedua, akan ada faktur di kantor belakang Anda. Pada faktur akan biaya $ 50,00 kontrak, yang AdCentral atau keluarga Biaya AdCentral, dan biaya 20% (yang berlaku saat ini menjadi Promotor Brasil), tapi itu tidak terdefinisi bagaimana fee 20% akan berdampak Promotor dari negara lain. Faktur ini adalah apa yang Anda perlu membayar untuk memperbaharui bisnis TelexFREE Anda untuk tahun kedua.

TelexFREE Kredibilitas: Awal pekan ini, TelexFREE membayar pajak penghasilan Brasil mereka. Mereka membayar lebih IRRF R $ 59.220.155 (yang hanya di bawah $ 30.000.000 USD). Hal ini mencerminkan kredibilitas dan integritas TelexFREE.

Pembayaran TelexFREE: Pekan lalu, Selasa 14 Mei, ada 106.600 permintaan penarikan. Itu berarti mereka akan membuat 106.600 deposito ke rekening bank di seluruh dunia promotor minggu ini, 22 Mei. Itu setara dengan 426.000 Promotor dibayar secara bulanan.

TelexFREE Aktivitas & Hasil: Ada perbaikan perangkat lunak terjadi setiap hari, seperti meningkatkan populasi rencana kompensasi biner di belakang kantor kami masing-masing. Untuk memberikan ide: Pada May21st, ada 10.600 orang di website pada saat rekaman terlampir. Ada 370 mendaftar sebagai Promotor pada saat itu. Ada yang ditunjuk ruang kontrol di Kantor Brasil untuk mengevaluasi dan mengkalibrasi pertumbuhan di seluruh dunia. Lingkungan yang sangat profesional seperti yang Anda akan melihat.

TelexFREE Kegiatan: TelexFREE pergi ke laut. 15-18 Desember TelexFREE akan menjadi tuan rumah Cruise Promotor. 3.200 akan diundang untuk pergi. Lihat situs web untuk update.

Masa Depan: Ada rencana di tempat untuk tumbuh TelexFREE luar pemahaman kita. Model TelexCOMMERCE akan menambah pendapatan tambahan dan peringkat dengan pendapatan yang ada. Ada rencana untuk membuat TelexFREE pendapatan seumur hidup bagi kita.

Alexa Ranking: 37 Tempat di Brasil.

YouTube & File Audio:

Carlos Costa Meja Wawancara Dari Brasil - 09:05 Menit

Steve Labriola Telepon Pembaruan Dari Boston - 35:00 Menit (lihat lampiran dalam email)

Ini adalah waktu untuk berbagi TelexFREE. Ada traksi nyata dan momentum mulai membangun di Brazil dan di seluruh dunia. Berapa banyak dari sepotong ekspansi internasional ini yang Anda inginkan? Anda memutuskan dan bertindak sesuai!

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Saturday Update 5/11/2013:
SuperSaturday in Orlanado, Florida is LIVE
--Watch It As If You Were There NOW--
       (live web feed from Orlando)
Wednesday Update 5/8/2013:
There will be a TelexFREE business presentation this Friday, May 10, at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista hotel in downtown Disney, in Orlando, Florida. 7:00 PM in English, 7:30 PM in Spanish and 8:00 PM in Portuguese. It is free and hosted by US Teamleaders: Randy, Sann, Gerardo and Santiago. If you are in Florida and can get there it should be a very good presentation. Bring a guest

Thursday Update 4/24/2013:
Effective April 24, 2013 customers may go through the setup process themselves at no charge, if you want us to do it for you that is now optional. We will update the rest of the site were appropriate.
f your not familiar with this company speak to your upline about them.  Thanks

Wednesday Update 4/24/2013:
Hello Everyone, Steve Labriola, Director of Marketing for TelexFREE, Boston, announced via email earlier today that they are "pulling out of Bank of America." And he went on to say to "please hold your deposits for a day.  The ones that are there (meaning: current deposits into the BofA account) will be OK."  And that they, TelexFREE, "will look into the right solution for national and global coverage."

As we learn more, we will share it with you right away.  For now, and those on the East Coast, please use TD Bank for your walk-in deposits.  As well, the other and most accessible solution for enrollment is to the use of the ProPay credit card feature in the back office, as was the only option available when TelexFREE released in the U.S. in November of 2012.  Also, we encourage you to speak with your Sponsor and/or those who are well versed in the TelexFREE business for more details on deposit options.

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